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Top tips for healthy diets and weight Control
'When combined with powerful therapy sessions of Hypnotherapy / NLP   this will ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals long term, staying healthy whilst motivated - Call 01738-710758 NOW and ask for Lindsay'

Drinking Sensibly - Alcoholism - Are you out of control! - Addicted?
When combined with powerful therapy sessions of Hypnotherapy / NLP I can ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals long term staying healthy whilst drinking sensibly and staying motivated - Call 01738-710758 NOW and ask for Lindsay who has changed 'alcoholics' lives permanently for the better, achieving desirable healthy minds and bodies. Do it now before its too late and salvage your liver from becoming terminal!

Stopping Smoking - STOP FOR GOOD IN TWO SESSIONS - Kick the addiction in 3HOURS! read more click Fees!

Demonstrate your true desire to kick the addiction into touch and I will assure you that you will NEVER SMOKE AGAIN! Through effective powerful therapy sessions used by Geoffrey Graham BDS Dental Surgeon deceased and his colleague my deceased Father Norman Heron  LDS RCS Dental Surgeon, who between them for over 40 years practised these extraordinary Hypnotic NLP successful techniques.


Did you know that within as little as twenty minutes of quitting, your body will begin to feel the benefits.
Getting ready - Making a plan - Stopping
Smoking will kill 4/5 people alive today' - 'Smoking causes over 20 killer diseases including lung cancer, heart disease and bronchitis........take a look at your fellow smokers and see what you see and imagine how much longer thay have to live! Hear them cough and splutter, see how facially drained of colour they are and how bad their complexion is, how poor their skin is, see the early life wrinklees around you and imagine what your going to look'
 Smoking now kills over 2 Million people in Britain every year - a death every 3 minutes! click for further Overview on Hypno / NLP techniques on Smoking'

Smoking issues - STOP altogether with NLP.

At the Hypnotherapy Garden Chalet Lounge a combination of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy will take you through the process and you'll soon start to feel better FAST. We will show you how to engage your unconscious mind. Learn what happens when your planned results of STOPPING Smoking start to take affect after just 30 minutes - 12 hours 24 hours - 48 hours - 2 to 12 weeks - 3 to 9 months - 12 months - 10 years Learn this planned effective strategy. Let Lindsay take you through the process and feel the immediate benefits.
Call now
 01738-710758 or  07702 - 383726

And FREE YOURSELF of the habit for good.

Department of Health
Small Change - Big Difference

BUPA - British United Provident Association               Health Information Fact Sheets

Go directly to your area of interest and browse A-Z list of factsheets Produced by the BUPA health team and reviewed and approved by healthcare professionals, including Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Physios, Excercise physiologists and dieticians.

Visit information / health factsheets
Health Insurance - BUPA Heartbeat 0800-600 500

NHS Guide to:

Including charges and optical voucher values. Prescriptions - NHS Dental treatment NHS - wigs and fabric suppliers. Sight tests. Glasses and contact lenses Travel to receive NHS treatment. Prescription pre-payment certificates Under care of a consultant or through a referral by a Doctor or Dentist Visit Or Call 0845-850 0030 Or Visit your local registered pharmacy who sell PPC's

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