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How IBS is normally treated - IBS is unpredictable!

You may go for many months without any symptoms, and then have a sudden flare-up. A massive frustration and discomfort for any sufferer. IBS can be painful, debilitating and reduce your quality of life. However, with treatment there's no reason why you shouldn't expect to live a normal, full and active life.

Medical Intervention Treatment involves medication and changing your diet and lifestyle. Sometimes talking treatments such as Counselling and Hypnotherapy / NLP can help too - says the NHS.

Now you do have an option to change your way of life and take control of it in a more effective comfortable way by…

…‘Unlocking The Power Of Your Mind ~ To Help Your Body’

A brief synopsis /overview of an IBS Therapy Treatment Programme - All is explained - specific client circumstances - experiences with and around the sufferers life reviewed and understood while empathised with at an initial - 30mins Free Consultation Appointment.

Your 1st Appt: This followed by… normally on the same day by…. The first two essential 90minsTherapy sessions complimenting the principle findings and very specific individual circumstances surrounding a clients short or long term experience with and that very personal nature of their IBS syndrome experience which can cause and change one‘s life so dramatically, as it invades and steers daily events and circumstances in often uncontrollable ways.

The very specific IBS Therapy programme that Lindsay employs for IBS sufferers, allows a client after this initial appropriate 2x90mins therapy sessional intervention, the opportunity to make a well informed decision about whether they should - or potentially feel compelled to proceed to the next appropriate IBS Therapy stage / session - as they find themselves in the comfortable position of being able to freely make those choices available - about the benefits of any ongoing wholly appropriate IBS therapy - whilst feeling liberated and overwhelmingly confident they begin to acquire, self-engage the benefits of body/mind subconscious control.

Having experienced those initial 3 hours of deep trance hypnotic relaxation and learnt the beneficial techniques of Hypno/NLP - enhanced breathing techniques - and the mind changing benefits that this therapy will provide - you'll find yourself well on the way towards the process of reducing anxiety and developing calmer thoughts which in turn reduces the negative thought patterns that trigger IBS physical responses.

Taking time out to learn to unwind will help serve you well - in helping manage your IBS symptoms. It will also allow you to begin to understand the benefits of allowing both body and mind to work together - towards your goal and to recognise for yourself how such guided interventions allow natural aspirations and expectations to be fulfilled as the body mind engages and responds to a newly acquired sense and feeling of control - all at a pace which is comfortable and suitably appropriate to the individual.

Whilst understanding ‘Why You Feel The Way Your Feel’

After all - ‘Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind

The fully dedicated IBS Therapy Sessional Programme involves Total of 8-9 hours Therapy over 2/3 days - [Minimum 5x90+mins Sessions]

Example of Appointment Therapy Scheduling

1st Day's Appts: 10am > 12noon - Break - 2pm to 3.30pm - This includes 30mins Free Consultation time and follows on into 90mins of initial relaxation traditional Hypnotherapy and NLP - understanding the ability to switch off the conscious mind whilst being able to engage the subconscious – the unconscious part of the mind, the most powerful personal resource available to man.

So - for 30mins Free Consultation and 3 hours of appropriate therapy Fee £80 per 90mins - 3 hours @ £160incl.

Following on…..

Re-evaluation of clients progress status / the ‘body-mind’ therapy process of improvement.

Observe how client feels and 'why you feel the way you feel!' ....most probably greatly improved and feeling good - from just those initial two sessions.

Should you consider completing the IBS process ‘body-mind’ change and control then your options to continue are as follows:

2nd Day Appt: (2x90mins sessions) 10am - 11.30am Break then 1.30pm - 3.30pm - Fee of £80 per 90mins - 3 hours @ £160incl.

Teaching you whilst under a comfortable hypnotic trance - that day-dreamy state of mind to excercise control over your thoughts and to learn to control the speed of peristalsis** which leads to a more normal bowel movement. ** ( Peristalsis refers to the movement of the digestive system, or the GI tract. You might imagine it as a wave going through a caterpillar's body. The movement of peristalsis propels the contents of the intestines through the digestive system.)

Afternoon session..... Using visualisation to control the whole digestive process - you will begin to take control as you mentally look for any areas within the digestive system where there is any pain or discomfort caused by IBS and to help reduce it while continuing to use the power of your mind engaging additional positive thoughts and processes.

We are all familiar with imagining negative things - thoughts and processes, but by now....... you will be engaging more positive thoughts processes and feelings - allowing you to embrace new coping strategies.

3rd Day Appt: (2x90mins sessions) Fee of £80 per 90mins - 3 hours @ £160incl.

You will now be guided under Hypnotherapy Trance like state (more like day dreaming) to view the journey through IBS as one which is near an end - acknowledging struggles of the past, old thought patterns and allowing them to be released. While there is a memory of old thought patterns, we do not have to live in the past. The moment of importance is the current moment in which we live.

Afternoon session...... The previous sessions are encapsulated - the positive affirmations of the programme are reconfirmed (ego-strengthened) as your subconscious - your unconscious mind engages those processes of personal change that will already be establishing - embedding themselves permanently for a more controlled and acceptably comfortable way of life for you - not just for now but for the rest of your life.

Session concludes with the empowering and life confirming…… ‘Psychosomatic Health and Wellness’ Hypnotic Therapeutic Programme,

END of Therapy process......

Total Therapy Fee - Including a professional continuity programme of 4 CD's - Your Therapy Fee inclusive of the CD programme:

£520 for 9 hours with CD Programme

Does it work?

Years of clinical research and active clinical application show that 80-90% or more of individuals obtained relief by using this IBS programme. Most of these results were improvements over and above conventional IBS treatment methods. Of course - as with all treatment methods, the sessions are not a panacea and not everyone is the same with individual circumstances varying. However, most client therapy sessions and follow on users of the CD programme do obtain results not only in IBS improvement but in other areas of life too….

Such as clearer thinking - better judgement - less stress - some report better concentration - improved sleep patterns - as well as other positive improvements of wellbeing - renewed self-assurance – self-esteem and confidence.

Any other questions can be asked / covered at initial Consultation.

SO UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR MIND 'Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind' - after all!

Clients will undoubtedly benefit short and long term from the complete Therapy programme and Lindsay would strongly recommend your considering that possibility. Times - Days - Sessions can be worked around your weekly commitments - so think flexibility and Lindsay can work that into the overall programme.

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