Q. Can anybody be hypnotised?
A. Yes, but subject must be desirous & receptive to opportunity.
Q. Am I aware what’s happening/being said in hypnosis state?
A. At all times, subconsciously aware whilst very deeply relaxed.
Q. Am I in control what I say & do i.e. Against my will in hypnosis?
A. Unlike stage/hypnosis, your free to accept/reject suggestion.
Q. Am I unconscious when in a state of trance hypnosis?
A. Not in any way, somewhere between sleep and being awake. Your in an altered state, similar to daydreaming. Like gazing, staring out of a train window.
Q. What if I don’t come out of trance or perhaps something
happens to therapist before being reverse induced?
A. You would naturally return to normal state as the therapists voice
harmony eased. There has never been a case of anyone remaining in trance
Q. Will it be safe to drive home after my therapy?
A. Absolutely, feeling super relaxed, but fully alert after 10 -15mins.