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Testimonial response to concerns - ‘thought changes’ - ‘some reassurance’

My VIRTUAL Gastric Band (Therapy) Operation...November 2012

I had got to a point in my life where enough was enough and I was just so sick of being big and spending my life yo yo dieting. I have always been a big girl but I was at present my biggest ever...!!!!! I wanted to do so much more with my kids and because of my size I was conscience of doing anything active with them.

So something had to change and I researched all about hynotherapy via a gastric band. I wanted to have a band fitted but my husband was very against it. A couple of friends have had them fitted and after a year of struggling with no food they are eventually where they want to be. The only problem is they have been through hell and back to get there.....

I found Lindsay on the internet and had a few long chats with him before commiting to the treatment. He seemed to say all the right things and I felt comfortable going to see him.

I was determined this was going to work as I was at the end of my tether....

I went to see Lindsay weighing 14st 10lb . By end of 1st day's therapy I found it unecessary to have such large portions of food / didn't feel hungry and had already consciously cut down on my food intake. By the third day and a weigh in I had already lost 2 lbs.....!!!!!

Since having the band fitted I am fuller so much quicker , I eat slower and enjoy all the food I eat. Unconsciously I am more conscience of what I am putting in my mouth. I do question myself if I have had a piece of cake or a sweetie but food isn't haunting me anymore its a pleasure and I know when to stop or not eat at all. I do have the odd emotional bit of food intake, rather than hunger intake but I then ration my next portion accordingly. Only I can do this no one else. I do feel liberated in the sense, that I can just have a little of what I fancy and not over indulge anymore. no diets no limits to what I can eat. I did over eat one day and felt so so sick. It was a horrid feeling I don't want to experience again.

I am 2 weeks in and I have lost 8LBS !!! WITHOUT BEING ON A DIET....TRULY!!!!! AMAZING!!!!! THAT'S IT FOR ME I AM ON THE ROAD TO A THINNER ME...


ps Lindsay will support you all the way to your goal weight which is also a marvellous extra. He doesn't bring you down or go through how you got to being such a fatty he just makes you move on and help you get where you want to be which is a refreshing change.

Good luck . If I can do it - anyone can - believe me!!!


Morning Lindsay,
Thank you for getting back to me.

“I've been going through some big thought changes in my life and I thought u might be able to understand them. It's all good, but I feel I need some reassurance to believe in myself.
I hope this makes sense to U.”

I look forward to hearing your response
Enjoy your Sunday, speak soon.
Many Thanks

Therapy for ‘Change’ treatment- using Hypnosis & NLP
The testimonial results……for Nicola who had 2x 90mins Therapy Sessions.

Hi Lindsay,

Finally I've got the time to give U the feedback, by the way, I hope you and Carol and family are well.

I'll list the notable changes after my 2nd session with you - then as things change and grow in my life, I'll keep U informed with how I feel the ripple effect (you) has helped me.  

  1. My mind has settled, calmer way of thinking.
  2. My enthusiasm for life has increased, even though there are obstacles and I don't know
    exactly what I'm here for, I'm less stressed at looking for answers.
  3. I am taking in pieces of information from lots of different sources and starting to understand the relevance.
After the first session
A gradual process, I appreciate that these things take time and only come to U in YOUR own time.  
The practical evidence waking up early - Refreshed and full of good positive thoughts and energy.

Going out for a run - Feeling enthusiastic and strong in body and MIND - rhythm and breathing being a key - [such a motivational resourse!]

Bouncing on the trampoline and realising I don't have a weak bladder- Why should I?

Wanting to eat breakfast (fruit) not wanting Tea - Tastes like its full of chemicals now.
( In the past I’ve only drunk Tea and never stomached breakfast).
Brushing Teeth without gagging by simply looking in the mirror and asking myself why? -

Thanks so very much Lindsay

[Lindsay’s ‘requested’ response to why?]
Through the NLP process of understanding that feelings have movement - Nicola  now having moved those feelings with understanding ' why she was engaging the  feeling and doing that process of gagging ' - She’s changed the programme she had running in her subconscious mind and will most probably never do that again!

Nicola concludes.......
By the way I can see changes in Christien too, they're quite small to anybody else, but I think he’s just starting to realise them himself,  but I can see how there going to cause a ripple effect and turn him into a butterfly.

Lindsay’s comments:
Christien recently recovered from Cancer and has had to come to terms with near death experiences - more than once, during his necessary and prolonged ‘oncology’ medical hospital intervention. Now fully recovered I am helping him back on the road to a path of Psychosomatic Health & Wellness and Freedom from those past thoughts and processes that have interfered and prevented him from moving on with his life.

His is an amazing young gentleman!

Virtual’ - Hypnotic  Gastric  Band  Body/Mind Therapy Surgery

Ex Nursing Sister - Husband’s a Doctor of Medicine - [Irish]

“I have for the last 6 yrs battled with Severe Depression, High Blood Pressure and latterly weight gain. I knew I had to do something about it when my joints began to ache and I was finding it difficult to look after my 4 year old grandson.

I decided to seek Lindsay’s help as I have known him and his wife for 25+yrs now and to embark on a Course of ‘Virtual’ Hypnotic Gastric Banding Body/Mind Therapy Surgery. I had my treatment on 26th May 2011 and weighed 91.6 kgs with a Blood Pressure of  152/94.

Now nearly 3mths later I am 81kgs and my Blood Pressure is 150/84. I have weaned myself, with my Doctors approval and Lindsay’s help, off my night time Antidepressants and am sleeping well.  

I now have so much more energy and have let go of a lot of issues that have been troubling me.  I am delighted that I have lost so much weight and people are telling me how well I look. I would have no hesitation in recommending Virtual - Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy Surgery  performed by Lindsay. His Professional intervention ensuring the success of my Treatment.”   Brilliant -  Sally Patterson.

Without exception, everyone treated by Lindsay were both impressed and hankering for more.  He has a naturally compassionate demeanor.  This, combined with his life experience and obvious passion for assisting people inspires a natural trust that was immediatel evident.  Fast results is something Lindsay is proud of.  He is right to be proud, each K.I.S guest raved about their clarity and individual sense of gain from their sessions.  I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Lindsay again, he was excellent. Anni – K.I.S Lifestyle Founder


As a Motivation Therapist and Coach, Lindsay is a Validated Practitioner of the GHSC, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council practising in Northumberland with extended practice coverage into Tyneside, Newcastle Upon Tyne region and aslo now in perthshire scotland.