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Alternative Complimentary Therapy

Psychological - mental and emotional condition treatments…….

There are a number of different psychological treatments that can be used to help you cope with the symptoms of dementia and slow down the symptoms. These are described below. You may have already accessed some help in this direction but could do with some additional ……. more frequent HELP relief [ ‘It was such a relief to share my worries:’ ] REASSURANCE, consolation, comfort, solace.

Cognitive stimulation - CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Cognitive stimulation involves taking part in activities and exercises that are designed to improve your memory, problem-solving skills and language ability. .

Behavioural therapy - CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Behavioural therapy is used to help treat many of the behavioural problems that are associated with dementia, such as depression, aggression and delusional thinking.
Behavioural therapy may already be provided by a carer, who can be a trained friend, relative or an employed carer normally supervised by a health professional.

Behavioural therapy uses a problem-solving approach where possible motivations and reasons for troublesome behaviour are identified. Different strategies are adopted to try to change that behaviour. A person for example with dementia may have a history of wandering out of their home or care centre because they feel agitated, restless or anxious. Therefore, a game plan that involves revitalising them to take part in regular physical exercise may lessen their restlessness, never mind "the renewing warmth of the sunshine"

Help with Relaxation [Mental repose] Therapy help for carers and their families
For a calmer, more tranquil, peaceful you, an ability to loosen up and unwind using muscle relaxation and enhanced breathing techniques……LOOSENING, slackening, loosing. Understanding the issues - Assisting with ability to cope mentally
Why me! ……Why us! ……managing, coping in spite of difficulty

Relaxation Therapy - Teaching you Self-Hypnosis techniques………..
Provides an opportunity to engage personal comfort and understanding
Eases relaxation as you learn new breathing techniques, aiding stress and/or anxiety - Instills a feeling of serenity, tranquillity, restoring a feeling of contentment and meaning into your life ……….

The ability to relax , any time you need, any time you desire.Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking

  • Infuse solace, providing morale and emotional strength
  • Engender reassurance
  • Restore self-esteem and confidence - self-love /pride back into your life
  • Offer succour to all involved in such demanding, often challenging care
  • Ease, soothe, calm cheer, hearten………. just uplift both patient and carer
  • Once a month, once a week, once every six months………what ever ‘timeout’ you take, and deserve
  • for yourself the better, the more able you will feel to cope.
The exploration, re-examination of learning to live with all aspects of dementia care……making it easier on yourself by learning the simple, yet effective phenomena of self-hypnosis. …….‘Give Lindsay a call or send him an Email now .’ Reasonable rates [Click here for Therapy Session Fees]