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'Major hospitals use 'hypnotic trance states' for fractures....
'Cancer, Burns, Speeding Surgery Recoveries. Numerous scientific studies have emerged in recent years showing that the hypnotised mind can exert real and powerful effect on the body/mind. New findings are leading major hospitals to try hypnosis to help relieve pain and speed recovery in a variety of illne-sses'.

'Hypnosis is also transforming the treatment of IBS...
[15% of population, at any one time] irritable bowel syndrome, an often intractable gastro-intestinal disorder, by helping patients to use their mind to quiet an unruly gut' Lead researcher DR WENDY GONSALKORALE told BBC News On-line "While other studies have shown that symptoms have improved by the end of a course of treatment, the real significance is our finding that these effects are sustained after hypnosis treatment sessions have finished, rather than patients reverting back to their original state. We firmly believe that Hypnotherapy should be available as a standard treatment for all patients with IBS"

'Imagining movement of affected limbs aids stroke rehabilitation....
Call it Miracles of Hypnosis or the Power of the Mind, whatever you choose, one thing is certain the subconscious mind can be a huge asset in healing traumatic injuries. Imagining
movement of arms and legs that have been weakened from stroke may facilitate functional recovery of affected limbs'.

GP Survey....
That around 250,000 people visit their GP about an emotional or psychological problem each day. This is 30% of total visits made to GP's'

'The UK Mental Health Research Network...
Held a survey June-September 2007 to find out about the experiences of people who have sought help from a GP about an emotional or psychological problem. 'Results' Pending'

Daily Mail press article: 'Meditation may train our brains to be kinder...

People can train their brains to be kinder and more compassionate through meditation, a study of Buddhist Tibetan monks has shown. Researchers found that meditative training produced specific changes in the brain linked to empathy. It is widely recognised that empathy plays a vital supportive role in the success of long term Hypnotherapy techniques'.

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