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Overview on Hypno / NLP Techniques on Smoking

Smoking will kill 4/5 people alive today! Those are not my figures but those of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund...... Yes...1/3 of the population, that's over 23 million of us take dry shredded leaves wrapped round with paper....put them in our mouths and set them alight over those burning leaves to kill ourselves! Your probably addicted to doing that and that's why your seriously considering doing something about it right now as you read this.

Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking

You don't have to do that....if your smoking 10-20-30 or more cigarettes a day then your on course for an early termination of your life expectancy and you will probably develop heart disease, cancer or serious bronchitis from which few recover. Now you do have an option to change your way of life......turn that corner....take the road to from the ravidges of poisonous smoke inhalation, you may have stopped at least once before and I know you can do it again this time permanently, with the determination you are now displaying reading this and picking up the phone now. Just 2 x 90mins. powerful sessions of Hypnotherapy / NLP - just 3 dedicated hours to completely achieve that road to freedom you so desperately need and desire. Close your eyes for moment now if your sitting comfortably and free from distractions and ask yourself .....How many times do you cough in a day......see yourself clearly now choking away and knowing how bad the weed is affecting your chest......your lungs.......your breathing....your energy levels....your only too aware of the dangers and irreversible damage you are attracting to your being .....if you allow this to continue any longer....never mind the cost

Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking

......a chap back in the 90's I recall was smoking over 30 large corona cigars a week costing him over £110 a week!......and you know how socially unacceptable it is now....and that all restaurants, clubs, pubs have banned smoking to the delight of all those [passive] non smokers who have suffered at the hands of all those inconsiderate smokers for years and years and suffered health wise too, as partners to smokers.

You have possibly noticed how your social circle of friends has diminished.......and so it should for the good of their own health....never mind your know all of this and yet you still continue to decimate damage....... irreparably to your health day by day! ..........You have become one of life's social outcasts through your smoking habit........You are also aware of the anchors that attract you to that stimulate and enhance certain times........feelings that you've always associated with a smoke! meetings....answering the telephone perhaps....having a cup of tea or know those times only too well.......anchor times when you just feel you just have to have a cigarette/cigar in your hand! know also how much better you felt last time you were helped [because you probably were]. Through NLP and Hypnosis Lindsay will show you how by reprogramme your mind, attuning yourself to new ways of thinking and feeling, whilst demonstrating and cementing those dangereous elements of being a smoker any longer into your subconscious mind, so that you can call upon those hidden reourses within your subconscious awareness at any time in the future to counteract any failings you may experience in the future. Do you ever remember the last time you gave up smoking.........walking past people or being in a smokers company and wanting to go up to them and spell out ALL THE NEGATIVES OF SMOKING? ........and telling them how much better you were feeling at the time! ....of course you did....and your


Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking


aware how much better you felt at that time.....and can again be in the future......this time for good.....the health of the rest of your life.....which may have already been shortened. YOU DO IT BECAUSE YOUR PROGRAMMED TO DO IT your mind is like a computer AND WILL ONLY DO WHAT YOU WANT IT have to want to change your habitual really have to want to change can change your programme of being a smoker to "I DO NOT SMOKE ANYMORE" AND FEEL PROUD OF IT.


Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking


So give Lindsay a call now 0044 (0) 1738-710758 or Mobile 07702 383726 and let him take you on a journey through time, your lifetime as you come up onto your time road, because life is like travelling through time, along a time road. He will show you how by making programmes in your brain you will be able to say 'Im so pleased to be able to have the past behind me and I'm looking forward so much to the future".........having come along life's marathon race to get here in the first you say to yourself "I have as much right as every other human being to be on this earth" and to celebrate that you can and will become one of those people who does not smoke, who wants not to be addicted and controlled by those dried shredded leaves! this country there are two thirds of the population who don't smoke and they are not controlled and you have just as much right as everyone of those not to be controlled ......feel what that means and as you come up onto your time road and celebrate looking into your future, with your past well behind you reflect!

Every time you smoke a cigarette........CANCER OF THE GULLET is invariably fatal as it spreads throughout your the time it is've had generally have about 12 weeks to live.... and if it doesn't do that .....then your gullet opens and those dead cells and smoke drop down into your stomach......within only 8 seconds of putting that cigarette into your mouth.........your stomach is filling up with dead cells and smoke.......and your gastric juices digest those dead cells.....AND ABSORB THEM INTO YOUR BLOODSTREAM................. I'd like you to imagine it now ........I'd like you to picture it now.......there's a seething mass of 'tgreeny-yellow....slimy....sticky....smelly......puss laden cells and YOU KNOW YOU'VE SEEN don't have to cut your lungs open to see it .......cause as a smoker from time to time you cough and when you cough you bring up phlegm.....and cough that phlegm ......mucus into your hanky or tissue and look at'll see it's a seething mass of greeny-yellow - slimy - sticky - smelly - pussie colour gunge, because that's exactly what it is .....on a chest ward..people who have smoked all their lives...... beside their bed you'll see a little plastic pot ......which they use to cough up the seething mass of greeny-yellow - slimy - sticky - smelly - pussie, colour infected phlegm....struggling and coughing desperately, gasping for breath as they do should pay a visit to one sometime .....and see for yourself'd never touch another cigarette for the rest of your precarious life!

Call Lindsay now because once you loose the image in the mirror've conditioned yourself to that new programme and as long as you play that new will never smoke again and you will be free of the very real concerns associated with SMOKING dried shredded leaves...............
......and two of your most important arteries are the two coronary arteries
...and their very susceptible to being furred up inside and so when that phlegm sticks to the wall of your arteries,.... the blood doesn't get through to your heart muscle...the heart muscle of your body requires oxygen from the blood to function.....when you start slowing up your oxygen supply to your heart......then your heart goes into a series of little mini cramps...its called angina..block one of those arteries completely and no blood gets through to your heart muscle,...the heart muscle goes into cramp..and that's called heart attack.....its not just your heart.... there's lots of little narrow arteries in your brain ...if you start furring up one of those arteries in your brain......the brain cells require oxygen ....and if it doesn't get sufficient oxygen ..then they don't work properly and you may become senile, before your time...[loss of your mental faculties] you can't remember it doesn't help you to concentrate to smoke a cigarette ..the very opposite... it prevents you from concentrating...filling up your arteries in your brain with phlegm ..and if you block one of the arteries in your brain completely..that's pumping very hard against that blocked artery will burst very easily inside your brain...and that's called a can clearly see now why over 750,000 people every year die from cigarette smoking or related illness and diseases ..... Not only are you burning smoke to fill your body with phlegm but your using you own money to do that ..smoking 20 + cigarettes a day your spending around £2000-£3000 per year on smoke to fill your body with phleghm ....the equivalent of a very good extra annual holiday currently!.......
"I look forward to helping you through one of the toughest times in your life......easily! Your Good Health....Best Wishes - Lindsay."

It's never to late too quit!


Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking Overview on hypnotheraphy techniques on smoking


It's never too late to quit smoking. According to the American Cancer Society, about half of all smokers who keep smoking will die from a smoking-related disease. Quitting has immediate health benefits. .

Better Health After Quitting

Time after last cigarette

Physical Response

20 minutes

Blood pressure and pulse rates return to normal.

8 hours

Levels of carbon monoxide and oxygen in the blood return to normal.

24 hours

Chance of heart attack begins to decreases.

48 hours

Nerve endings start to regrow. Your ability to taste and smell increases.

72 hours

Bronchial tubes relax and the lungs can fill with more air.

2 weeks to 3 months

Improved circulation; lung function increases up to 30%.

1 to 9 months

Decreased rates of coughing, sinus infection, fatigue, and shortness of breath; regrowth of cilia in the airways, increasing the ability to clear mucus and clean the lungs and reducing the chance of infection; overall energy level increases.

Long-Term Effects

After a year, risk of dying from heart attack and stroke is reduced by up to 50%.