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Therapy sessions are always geared to fulfil and meet individual clients needs, specific requirements and special circumstances.

The number of sessions required to help you through and achieve your anticipated expectations will be unique to you. My Professional aim is to find and arrive at your solution state, in the shortest possible time. We will work at a pace and in a manner that makes sense to you, one that will lead you to the most satisfactory conclusion for you personally. One that embraces a renewed feeling of well being, contentment, peace of mind that's full of clarity. Free from those unwanted feelings and emotions. Free from unwanted behaviours, a more confident, positive and focused you!

We will debate your individual and unique solutions when you call.

Available to full time University & College students with valid NUS card [at discretion]

Please note that for the consideration of other clients, and compatibility of our therapy session programmes
A minimum 24hours notice is required to cancel appointments. Appointment cancellations within this period will be subject to 50% [of your pre-paid] cancellation fee.
[We reserve the right to change prices at any time]

Each session involves therapy counselling using advanced NLP and CBT techniques appropriately with Hypnotherapy
DURING HYPNOSIS the mind/body is open to suggestion, responsive, receptive and open minded, encouraging rational, healthy beneficial attitudes and thoughts to those valuable self confident processes that are reality, matter of fact based. You will feel totally relaxed yet in full control, whilst in a trance like state somewhere between fully awake and sleep, much like day-dreaming, whilst on a train journey staring out of a the window! Effectively an altered mind / body state, whilst in total control of your senses, your five faculties of perception _ see, hear, smell, touch, taste.
Go to Why Hypnotherapy  understanding the therapy pages 1 & 2 and  Q&A questions & answers

Many Hypnotherapists work on the principle
That a ‘one therapy solution fits all‘, approach and read directly from pre-prepared condition scripts. Cognitive and NLP Hypnotherapy offers a more discerning  and cultivated approach focusing on advanced bespoke language patterns using the clients own individualised trance phenomena, to guide and direct them to their own best outcome solutions.

This is extremely effective
‘It is one of the best ways to facilitate, promote and encourage positive change.’

If you are interested in changing and improving your life for ever
I can teach you, I will show you how to enhance your personal effectiveness, adding more beneficial, more enriched choices, more options to your life, its contentment and well being.


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Hypnotherapy Perthshire - Kinross & Northumberland
Lindsay Heron
Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist
SQHP - GHSC- GHR - NHS Directory
Master Practitioner of NLP

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