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Help with Dementia / Alzheimer's disease
Help with Dementia / Alzheimer's disease
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Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP
With Lindsay Heron
Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Welcome to Hypnotherapy Perthshire SCOTLAND as well as Northumberland where Lindsay has practised for many years.

Visit Hypnotherapy in Perthshire Scotland

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This may be the first time or opportunity you've had to look into ways of receiving appropriate help and assistance, aid for an issue or problem that has seemed insurmountable. You could have been looking for a while or perhaps you've already tried other types of therapy. Whatever stage your at, I sincerely hope you will find what's appropriate and right for you here.

My name is Lindsay Heron and I am an Senior Advanced Clinical Practitioner of Hypnotherapy a Cognitive Hypnotherapist [ Hypnotherapy learn more ], and a Master Practitioner of NLP [ Learn more ] - CBT [ Learn more ] - EFT [ Learn More ]

As a Motivation Therapist and Coach, Lindsay is a Validated Practitioner of the GHSC, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council practising in Perthshire as well as Northumberland with extended practice coverage into Tyneside, Newcastle Upon Tyne region and also now in Perthshire, Kinross and Dundee in SCOTLAND.

The Garden Log Cabin Hypnotherapy / NLP Lounge in Druids Park, Murthly, Perthshire provides a quiet rural and tranquil setting for effective productive therapy time, whilst truly benefitting from such a peaceful country environment. I provide amicable, empathetic confidential motivational therapy and coaching on a variety of problems and issues. learn more Q & A

Whilst these surroundings are unquestionably ideal for Hypnotherapy here in Perthshire & Kinross and convenient for Dundee. I appreciate there may be circumstances where you may prefer the individual convenience of a home visit, due to immobility perhaps or preference to attend somewhere closer.

If unable to travel, I will do my best to accommodate alternative arrangements to suit inconvenient times or awkward personal situations and / or locations. I can also arrange a home visit due to certain medical, perhaps recuperation or other needy circumstances.

You may have read in the national press or heard on television or radio about the natural therapeutic, extraordinary beneficial enhancements that Hypnotherapy, CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming can provide. Friends and colleagues may have had and talked about their experiences of complementary medicine. It's possible you may have had previous experience of NLP which has helped you achieve your goals and aspirations. Whatever your reasons might be, the fact that your reading this indicates your considering, probably looking to create a difference to the way you look, think and feel about your life now and way into the future. Remember it's your life and you have the power of your own subconscious hidden resources to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It is your life. Why not enjoy it?

Increasing numbers of people, in both their private and professional lives are seeking more productive, fruitful, worthwhile alternatives and creative innovative solutions which will result in them achieving a more appropriate and relevantly helpful way of life.

So well done! You've taken the first step to make that change happen.

With the very best of wishes, for your future health, your well-being and happiness. I look forward hearing from you soon and guiding you towards those preciously powerful, amazing Subconscious Resourses and Unconscious Potentials we all have, but have just forgotten how to engage and use more appropriately.

Your BODY is Your Subconscious MIND

It's been medically proven to be true. Letting go of Consciousness whilst drifting into one's Subconscious we can benefit from 10x the power of often overwhelming, sometimes quite innapropriate consciousness, those unhelpful thoughts and process that stop us moving in on in our lives.

We call that our STUCK State or The GUT FEELING!

I can help you CHANGE that for the Longer Term!
Best of wishes

Lindsay Heron
'Hypnotherapy - NLP PERTHSHIRE & Northumberland'
Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master Practitioner of NLP
Motivation Therapist & Coach

Tel : 01738-710758 Lindsay Heron
IPhone : 07702-383726 to speak to Lindsay anytime
Heron NLP

Help with Dementia / Alzheimer's disease

Patient & Carer Therapy [click More]

Dementia  Alzheimer's disease, patient carer therapy

HYPNOTHERAPY - CBT - NLP can help short and long term

Free 30min Consultation Assessment

Home visits can be arranged

Dementia is a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) that is associated with an ongoing decline of the brain and its abilities.

These include:

Thinking, Language, Memory, Understanding, and Judgement.

Lindsay & Gastric Band

Virtual-Reality Gastric Laparoscopic [weight loss] Surgery

weight loose session 'If your serious about loosing weight and have tried everything else Then Email: and Explain why you think this could be right for you and Lindsay will correspond with further detailed information to help you make an ' Informed Decision '

You really can lose weight without endless yo yo diets and if you are clinically obese - BMI over 30 - there is hope with a virtual gastric band, fitted under hypnosis - Hypnotherapy may be the best all round option for losing weight. And it works! Click for more

An effective Life-Changing NEW way of Life / New 'LIFESTYLE' that Lindsay ensures you are able to comfortably engage with over 10hours or so and over A Full day and a Half consecutively, 10 Hours of powerful thought changing thought providing Motivational Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy & NLP Surgery.

No diets required
Diets don't work longer term never have & never will without 'Brain Change' switching the programme one has running in the brain!

Just extraordinary engagement of Your Subconscious Resourses and Unconscious potentials to LOOSE weight naturally and effectively and sensibly over a few months.

Weight that will stay off and allow you to feel a renewed sense of Health and Wellbeing with enjoyable Motivational Excercise, potentially whilst avoiding Type 2 Diabetes or REVERSING its status!

THAT TOO is possible and clients have achieved that through significant weight loss with Lindsay's Virtual VGBT Surgery and are no longer classed as Diabetic!

NOW FOR LESS THAN 10% OF REAL TIME SURGERY - £590.00 - Click for more for further details and/or contact Lindsay by Email for further details


IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome!

Hypnosis 'Hypnotherapy' and 'NLP' Neuro Linguistic Programming when combined can be one of the most effective ways of beating IBS 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome'

New research published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology involving 138 IBS patients being given an hours therapy every week over a three month period V. a similar group having no treatment at all - Concluded with results showing that 'REDUCTION IN SYMPTOMS CONTINUED A YEAR AFTER TREATMENT'

IT FOUND THAT 40% OF PATIENTS volunteering to be Hypnotised suffered fewer symptoms afterwards. and that the benefits appear to be long lasting. IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common gut problem that affects up to one in five people at some point in their life.

TREATMENT NORMALLY INVOLVES AVOIDING FOODS THAT MIGHT TRIGGER SYMPTOMS, taking drugs to halt abdominal pain and diarrhoea or undergoing some form of councelling.

STRESS is thought to be one of the major triggers for IBS and HYPNOTHERAPY works by helping patients to relax when they experience symptoms such as abdominal pain and bloating - Lindsay says NLP helps by allowing sufferers to understand 'Why They Feel The Way They Feel' and that they no longer need to be stuck with various states 'STUCK STATES' and that those apparent stuck feelings - stuck states have the potential of movement - when they recognise them in their lower abdomen - top of the diaphragm. 90% of all feelings [states] are controlled by the lower abdomen/diaphragm - sounds strange may be - but it's true!

Read More

Also see full A-Z listings for all Therapy Hypno/NLP Intervention


Virtual Gastric Band Operation' [. .]click here

I had got to a point in my life where enough was enough and I was just so sick of being big and spending my life yo yo dieting . I have always been a big girl but I was at present my biggest ever....!!!!! I wanted to do so much more with my kids and because of my size I was conscience of doing anything active with them. So something had to change and I researched all about hynotherapy via a gastric band. I wanted to have a band fitted but my husband was very against it. A couple of friends have had them fitted and after a year of struggling with no food they are eventually where they want to be. The only problem is they have been through hell and back to get there..... Read More
Without exception, everyone treated by Lindsay were both impressed and hankering for more.  He has a naturally compassionate demeanor.  This, combined with his life experience and obvious passion for assisting people inspires a natural trust that was immediatel evident.  Fast results is something Lindsay is proud of.  He is right to be proud, each K.I.S guest raved about their clarity and individual sense of gain from their sessions.  I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Lindsay again, he was excellent. Anni – K.I.S Lifestyle Founder
As a Motivation Therapist and Coach, Lindsay is a Validated Practitioner of the GHSC, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council practising in Northumberland with extended practice coverage into Tyneside, Newcastle Upon Tyne region and also now at Perthshire in Scotland.
I have for the last 6 yrs battled with Severe Depression, High Blood Pressure and latterly weight gain. I knew I had to do something about it when my joints began to ache and I was finding it difficult to lsook after my 4 year old grandson......Sally Patterson Read More

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